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This article is a wake-up call to the severity of the economic crises the US faces and some idea on how to respond.
> Part 1) The current economic crises facing the United States.
> Part 2) The compounding effects of resourse depletion, peak oil and climate change.
> Part 3) Some solutions and pathways forward.
Part 4) A list of recommended internet resources.

This book had it's beginning on the edge of the Pacific Ocean at the southwest corner of the Olympia Peninsula, just below the Quinault Indian Reservation. The ocean's thunder never ceases as the heavy surf releases tremendous amounts of energy - shifting sand, nutrients, logs and rocks. Here at the edge of the ocean, the wind is strong - and salty. The vegetation crowding down to the ocean's edge is shaped by the wind. To a permaculturist, each new plant community is a delight to explore and is filled with lessons. Here are a few observations and ideas garnered from exploring the plant communities in this windswept forest. read more here.....

This article is intended for a number of readerships:
  1. The staff and volunteers of hunger organizations
  2. The permaculture movement
  3. The general gardening public
Part I discusses some of the food crises facing the general public and food at-risk populations in the US.
Part II lists some of the popular movements arising out of the public to address the food crisis. Resources and examples tend to be from the Pacific Northwest.
Part III briefly introduces permaculture and lists some practical, on the ground techniques to increase local food production. Where and how do we grow local food.

Permaculture is a design science for creating sustainable human habitats and societies. Working with nature to create beautiful, productive, healthy ecosystems. Building symbiotic relationships between flora and fauna as well as within human societies. Here is Part I, II & III

By now, most of us have heard of "peak oil". Few people as yet are using the term "peak food". If world oil production has peaked and begun the downward decline, what about world food production? Obviously the two are intimately intertwined at this time. Modern food production is highly dependent on fossil fuels for tractors, machinery, fertilizers, pesticides, transportation and so on. As oil availability goes down and prices go up, then agriculture production suffers. This is already happening and is likely to get much worse in the near future. The energy price crunch already has many farmers cutting corners and suffering financially. read more here..... This article is my personal interpretation. There will be differences of opinion among other permaculturists; and there will be always be exceptions to these generalizations. This is a brief introduction to a wide-ranging topic and is meant to stimulate further discussion and elucidation.
More discussion of the world situation, localization and escaping the matrix, 2006 Herb and Seed Production Report, ideas for helping, plus additional Internet resources More discussion of the world situation, ideas for helping, plus additional Internet resources A short letter from Michael Pilarski, list of Internet sources about major threats to western civilization, best web sites for news and sustainability information, Friends of the Trees 2005 gatherings, conferences, and workshops Humanity's greatest challenges, herb farm report Film review and commentary by Michael Pilarski Article by Michael Pilarski Past events, workshops and price lists Sunny Pine Farm in 2003


Sunny Pine Farm / Arnica Chamissonis

Some Favorite Resources

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