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Books and Publications

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Northwest Medicinal Plants Resource Guide

Friends of the Trees Society. January 2003 edition. A compilation of many articles and handouts. It includes information on wildcrafting and growing; an annotated bibliography of our favorite herb books, organizations and periodicals; our"Checklist of Medicinal Plant Species for Termperate Climates" listing 1,022 species of medicinal plants by genera and family; and our checklist of "Northwest Medicinal Plants with Known Medicinal Properties". 150 pages. $15.00.

Ethnobotany and Ethnoecology Resource Guide

Friends of the Trees Society. 1999. One of the most comprehensive directories to contemporary ethnobotany and ethnoecology. International in scope. The Guide reviews 545 books and articles, 41 web sites, 57 organizations, 40 periodicals, 40 publishers, 28 educational institutions and 13 ethnobotanical gardens. Over 800 resources in total. 78 pages. $14.95.

Restoration Forestry: An International Guide to Sustainable Forestry Practices

Michael Pilarski, Editor. Kivaki Press, 1994. This 528-page book includes articles by over 50 authors plus a resource guide to over 2,400 noteworthy forestry books, articles, organizations, periodicals and individuals. It offers the most comprehensive, international overview of sustainable forestry available. $26.95.

Subtropical & Tropical Medicinal Plants Checklist

Friends of the Trees Society. 2001. This Checklist includes 1,700 medicinal plants listed by family, genera and species. There is a genera to family index and a common name index. A useful reference for people researching medicinal plants for the subtropics or tropics. 48 pages. $10.00.

Agroforestry Guide to Hawaii: A Directory to Restoration, Forestry, Agroforestry, Permaculture & Sustainable Agriculture in the Hawaiian Islands

Published November, 1997 by Friends of the Trees Society. Michael Pilarski, Editor/compiler. 187 pages. Over 800 references. The most comprehensive resource guide to sustainable natural resource management in Hawaii. $23.95.

Third World Resource Guide

Michael Pilarski and Michael G. Smith, compilers. Published May, 1993 by Friends of the Trees Society. The Third World Resource Guide gives names, addresses and brief descriptions of groups working in forestry, sustainable agriculture, and conservation. 425 organizations, 95 periodicals, and 275 other useful references. A great resource for grass-roots workers in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. $5.00

Kiwifruit Enthusiasts Journal #6

Friends of the Trees publishes the Kiwifruit Enthusiasts Journal; the leading source of information on growing hardy kiwifruit in the world! 196 pages. $14.95.

A True Fairy Tale

By Daphne Charters. First published in England in 1956. Republished in the US by Friends of the Trees in 1979. 90 pages. $15.00.

Fairy Story Sampler #1

The Collected Manuscripts of Daphne Charters. 13 Selected True Fairy Stories. 32 pages. $5.00.

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